My February

If my original plans had not changed, I would be on a flight to Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow.   Instead, I went earlier this month, as I will be flying to Boston this weekend for Curry College Hockey Senior Night.  I started the tradition of going to Florida in February many many years ago because my terrific husband recognized that a Florida weekend get-away was just what I needed during my “purple funk”, as I called it.

Although February is my birthday month, it has always been a tough time for me.  I can even remember back in high school, feeling a bit out of sorts.  It is mainly due to the fact that winter is still around and this year is no different.  I really could care less that, “We’ve had a really mild winter.”  It’s cold, snowy, and the sun is rarely shining. I once came across a comic that read, “February is the hangnail on the big toe of life.”  How true.

So, to help me get through the month, I plan my trip to Jville.  We lived in Jacksonville for 5 years, 3 years at the beach.  It has become my favorite place to visit.  The trip includes seeing my friend Terry, who I met in grad school.  Lisa, my long time friend from high school, has also been known to join us.  I stay one night at Terry’s and then we pack up and head to the ocean for another 2 nights.

The weekend includes seeing and doing our favorite things that we do every year.  It drives Lisa crazy that we are such creatures of habit, but she enjoys them (almost), as much as we do.  We have been doing this for years and get a kick out of the fact we are usually going back to our room as the “young” people are going out.

Here are the things that are tops on our list, we even added something new this year…Orangesicle drinks on the balcony.  Otherwise it’s…St. Augustine, shopping at Market to Market, The Bunnery’s ice tea and French Press for lunch, Pandora’s Envy, walking along Jax Beach, the beach shops, seeing dolphins from our balcony, Piña Coladas at the Conch House, pizza my way at The Loop along with Terry’s salad and Lisa’s fish tacos, Mi Zarape, hunting for shells and shark’s teeth, The Bridge of Lions, and driving along A1A.

As much as I look forward to all of these, there is one thing that beats all others, and that is listening to the waves crash on the shore. So…

as we sit in our room each night, with the door wide open, and sometimes laugh until we cry, I know I am just where I want to be for one weekend in February.






Getting Tough


Today I am another year older. It certainly is cliche to say that the years seem to go by so fast. Yet, it is so true. I do not get too hung up about my age.  Instead, I have come to recognize that if I want to someday ride my beach cruiser on Jax Beach when I retire, keep up with my grandkids (hopefully), and enjoy the rest of my years, I need to keep myself healthy, and maybe even get in some type of physical shape again.

I was always active as a child, teenager, and young adult. I played three sports in high school, and continued to do some type of exercise until about fifteen years ago. Truthfully, I never sit down much, so I am moving every day, just haven’t been motivated to do much else.

So why now? I am not exactly sure, but something clicked around the holidays, and I decided to get started at something. Last summer I had discovered a Jawbone that works similar to a FitBit. I liked the look of it and got the idea to get one. It took a bit, but I put one on my Christmas list and my boys got me one for Christmas. I have been tracking my steps since then.

I also, just so happened upon this thing called My Peak Challenge. It is a program that encourages those who join to come up with a challenge they want to accomplish and provides a workout program, as well as, a nutrition guide. It is easy to follow. I have actually started, and even found myself in the workout room at the hotel last weekend. Believe me, this is a huge deal.

My Peak Challenge also supports a charity called Bloodwise that raises research funds for bloodborn cancers.  I really like this part and am impressed that something finally got me exercising.  I am starting slow, but feel good that I am finally motivated to exercise and get healthy.  I am feeling tougher every day!  image

Did I mention that the program was developed by Outlander’s Sam Heughen and his trainer?  Hey…whatever it takes!