A Tribute to Scott Nelson

On the eve of my son Scott’s thirtieth birthday, I decided to put some thoughts to words for him. Mother of a 30 year old, wow! All of you who know and love him, know he is always worth celebrating, and all his 30 year self. So here goes, this is for you…

Scott was our first child, first grandkid on both sides, and we were the first amongst our friends to have a kid. He lead the way for all to follow, and was our “test case” for parenting. We should have known when he walked at ten months that he would do things his way.

How lucky we have been to be on the journey with him. Lucky to attend Harry Potter midnight book releases, sing along to NSync, watch his bands TIPS, Tiger Tiger, and Secret Grief perform, see Green Day with him when no one else would go with me, learn about Straight Edge, meet some really cool people, play unique games, discover Soup Spoon Cafe and other vegan restaurants, go hiking together, and watch him skate for 14 years.

Scott has so many talents and gifts. Two of my favorites have been watching him on the ice and on the stage. He was an incredible hockey player and still is an amazing musician. Equally, he follows his convictions, is a super thoughtful gift giver, is passionate about the Wings and Tigers, loves the great outdoors, and understands linguistics more than any of us ever will.

This is a big year for Scott as he starts a PhD program in Linguistics at Stoney Brook University on Long Island. He and Benny his beagle-basset are moving. First time I won’t be living in the same state. This mom is struggling with it, but I know he once again will lead the way and do great things.

One last thought just for you Scott Nelson as you get “OLD”. The old man the boat!
Happy Birthday to you!
Your Mother

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